Why Buy Olive Oil Online?

With respect to the nature we raise the crops using techniques and processes that are based on the principles of biological agriculture and sustainable development.The harvesting and gathering is done completely by hands.

Once the daily harvest is over, during the next 12 hours , we wash and clean the seed just before we transport them for the extraction of olive oil. The extraction is a total mechanical process, which on the other hand does not include any chemical products and admixtures , in order to keep our olive oil 100% pure and natural . Of great importance is also the temperature throughout the whole extraction process , which constantly is retained below 24-25 ο C (cold press) to maintain all the rich features (poluthenoles, anti-acids etc) and compoundα components such as the color, the taste and the aroma.

Just after the crush, the olive oil is gathered and stored in special tanks, which are inside a controlled environment with steady temperature (20ο C) any time of the year. The oil stays there for about a month and a half in order to undergo the first natural “filtering” and then follows the bottling process .

Bottling is processed with the most modern means and in the same time we make sure that all health and safety conditions are observed. The bottling- standardization machines are located in a special modulated room inside the oil press, so we avoid transfusions and transportation of the olive oil and as result we are able to bottle with perfect quality.

Why Olive Oil
from Ellis Farm?

Here at Ellis Farm we aim to do-away with the confusion by not only offering a comprehensive selection of some of the best oils in the world, but to also provide you with the critical information necessary to help find the right oil for you. We’re not just an online store, but a platform where the olive oil novice and connoisseur alike can expand their knowledge and their palate.

Why Buy
Olive Oil Online?

It is a proven fact that exposure to strong overhead fluorescent lights, such as those found in supermarkets across the country, an olive oil packed in a clear glass bottle will be irreparably destroyed in as little as eight hours, having lost its color, flavors and aromas - a tragic fate for even the highest quality olive oil. Although it offers better protection, even oil packed in a dark glass bottle can be completely destroyed in less than a week. For this reason alone, purchasing olive oil in a supermarket with its 24 hour light exposure is a less than desirable prospect.

At Ellis Farm we have a deep knowledge and understanding of the numerous practices required in producing the highest quality olive oil beginning with the care of the trees, to the harvesting and pressing of the olives, down to the critical factors required in properly storing an olive oil. You can feel confident in knowing that when you buy an olive oil online from us, the moment our oil reaches your doorstep, not one step in the quality process has been overlooked.